This viral video of a meat market is NOT from Wuhan; here’s the fact check

A video is doing rounds on social media that claim it shows a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the deadly Coronavirus strain emerged.

We saw several Facebook users sharing a similar video online.


NewsMobile fact-checked the above video(s) and found the claim attached to the video to be FAKE.

We closely observed the video and found ‘Pasar Extream Langowan’ written on the video in the first few frames.

Taking the relevant keywords and running a Google search for the same showed several results from YouTube showing results of a market in Indonesia where different species of rats, snakes, bats and dogs are sold as a delicacy.

The YouTube video described the market as, “Extreme food in the world is available only at Langowan Market’

”Langowan Market” is a traditional market in Minahasa regency, Indonesia’s North Sulawesi province, that sells wild animals for consumption, according to reports by US-based environmental news site Mongabay.

At the 21-second mark, the YouTube video shows a building with an Indonesian-language sign that translates to English as: ”Government of Minahasa Regency Trade Department Langowan Market Office”.

In conclusion, the claim is false; the video shows a market in Indonesia’s Sulawesi island.

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