Book Review: Leadership Strategy and tactics by Jocko Willink

The book, ‘Leadership Strategy and Tactics’, written by a former US Navy SEAL officer Jocko Willink has been published by Pan Macmillan publishers in January 2020.

The book is engaging and the author manages to keep the readers thoroughly engrossed. Through the narration of his tenure with the US Navy SEALS, the author highlights the various leadership lessons that he learned in his vast experience.

The main message that runs through the pages of the book is simple: One has to grow to become a leader and has to work towards this purpose, however, an individual cannot grow individually and needs to take along their teams.

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It also reaffirms the view that leaders should not only reform themselves but also their teams.

About the book

The book is about leadership and hence the personal change acquired through its prism. The book hopes to instil the following lessons in the minds of the readers:

1. Ego management and the problems they cause.

2. Concept of building trust with one’s superiors and subordinates.

3. How to instil pride in one’s team, without creating arrogance.

4. Overcoming challenges presented by a micromanaging, indecisive or weak boss.

5. Creating a disciplined team that regulates itself.

6. How leadership qualities can be used to teach, mentor, train and correct behaviour of team members?

7. How to operate at maximum level of efficiency.

About the author

Jocko Willink has served as a US Navy SEAL operator for 20 years before rising through the ranks of a Commander of Task Unit Bruiser-the most decorated special operations unit of the Iraq war.

Post his retirement, he co-founded the Echelon Front, a multi-million dollar leadership and management consulting company.

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