India firmly rejects third party intervention in J&K: MEA on Trump’s statement

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The Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday firmly rejected US President Donald Trump’s statement that the US is willing to mediate between India and Pakistan, on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.

These comments were made by the US President on the side lines of the ongoing Davos 2020 in Switzerland, when he met Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

It has been India’s consistent position that all disputes with Pakistan are bilateral in nature and hence, there is no need for any third-party intervention.

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Also, it was stated that Pakistan’s duplicity is well recognized in the international community. It was also emphasized that Pakistan has to stop its export of terrorism into India, which will enable it to then create a conducive atmosphere for the peace talks between the two countries to be held.

On the issue of the upcoming FATF evaluation, the Ministry has expressed India’s hope that the due procedure will be followed.

In other matters, India’s commitment to a rule based international trading order was affirmed. This came in the view of US President Donald Trump lashing out at the World Trade Organization for supposedly giving undue favours to developing nations such as India and China. He went on to say that the US too is a developing nations.

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