China: Travel ban imposed in Wuhan after Coronavirus outbreak

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The authorities in Wuhan city in China where the Coronavirus originated, have imposed a complete travel ban on local residents, in a bid to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

South China Morning Post, citing state media reported that officials in Wuhan announced a complete travel ban amid a Coronavirus outbreak.

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At least 17 people have been killed due to the deadly virus while more than 550 others throughout China have been infected with it.

The ban issued by command authority in the city said that from 10:00 am on Thursday, urban buses, subways, ferries and long-distance passenger transport would be suspended in the city.

Aside from this, flights and trains departing from Wuhan will also be suspended.

So far, the cases of the virus have been detected in the US, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand.

The municipal government in the city also issued notices mandating that everyone should wear masks in public places.

The US had on Tuesday announced that the first case of the coronavirus has been detected in the country.

The virus can spread person to person, though not nearly as easily as viruses such as measles or influenza.

Earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping had ordered resolute efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus (nCoV) that causes pneumonia.

(With ANI inputs)

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