Pariksha Pe Charcha: Time management, self-confidence & focus, PM Modi’s advice to students

Pariksha Pe Charcha – Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with students, teachers and parents on Monday at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium in Delhi. Thousands of students zealously interacted with the PM to get answers to emotional issues like stress, motivation and examination blues.

The Prime Minister clarified that he wants the discussions to be free, light-hearted and interesting. He hinted that it is fashionable to talk “#withoutfilter” these days anyway. He also admitted that out of all the events that he addresses as a PM, this is his favourite and he enjoys it the most.

The underlying reason for the ‘charcha’ is to ensure that students receive valuable tips from the prime minister who is keen to ensure that they take exams in a relaxed atmosphere and do not come under stress, to ensure better results in the long run.

Approximately 2,000 students and teachers attended the event, who were selected through an essay competition.

Key Takeaways –

The first question was regarding board exams. He said external factors have a lot of influence on us that cause stress. Motivation and demotivation are common issues. Everyone goes through these feelings. But every failure is a step towards success. He said failures come but they cannot determine the future of any person. He recounted the experience of Chandrayaan 2’s Vikram rover and its inability to successfully soft-land on the Moon.

When asked about the balance between studies and extra-curricular, he said, not pursuing co-curricular activities can make a person similar to a robot. It requires better time management. Today opportunities are many and he said youngsters need to make use of them.

Good marks in exams are not everything, we have to come out of the thinking that exams are yardsticks only.
We can add enthusiasm to every aspect of life. A temporary setback does not mean success is not waiting. In fact, a setback may mean the best is yet to come.

Use technology in your daily lives but don’t let it govern you. Each day, spend a pre-decided time when you will keep away from technology. Spend time with family, in the garden, with pets. Make one room in the house, which will be a technology free room.

PM Modi’s advice to parents – The way ahead lies in pursuing, not pressurizing children. Inspire children to do things that bring out their inner potential.

He said, “Today, I am talking to students who would be playing a key role in India’s development in 2047, when we mark a hundred years since independence. I hope this generation takes it upon themselves to act on some of the fundamental duties enshrined in our Constitution.”

Studying in the morning, when the Sun rises, is the best time to study. That’s the time when we are fresh and we tend to register more. But it’s not a rule. Do what comforts you.

He also asked everyone to decide that by 2022, they will buy everything that’s ‘Made in India’. There are a lot of responsibilities that can help in the development of the entire country. We should follow the fundamental duties enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

Don’t carry emotional baggage when you enter the examination hall. Be self-assured and confident.

He urged the students to read his book, ‘Exam Warrior’ at least twice in the next few days.

He pointed out that pressure is not of the actual exam but because students think that an entrance exam is the only way forward to a career they have dreams of.

If a student has the right attitude then there is no dearth of possibilities.

One should get out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves. This helps us learn about our capabilities.

All students should keep a journal of all the things they did during a week. In the end, analyse what was interesting. Keeping such a journal for a year will help us know about our aptitude.

He criticized the herd mentality and said that no one should follow what everyone else is doing. Choose a career suited to your interest and aptitude.

He ended on a positive note and said that each one of us should keep the student alive inside of us.


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