Rolls Royce unveils an electric plane with no emissions; here are the details

Source: Rolls Royce

The Rolls-Royce Electric Plane is a major step forward in the acceleration of the Electrification of Flight program(ACCEL). The ACCEL project is just one of the ways in which Rolls-Royce is developing lower-carbon power.

This all-electric aircraft comes with zero emissions and can turn out to be the world’s fastest with speeds of more than 300 mph.

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The battery pack which is located at the core of this plane will help the plane fly 200 miles on a single charge. The pack has 6,000 cells and is cooled using an advanced system that ensures efficiency. The battery pack also helps in thermal protection while the weight is kept minimum.

The propeller is driven by three high power density axial electric motors and compared to a conventional plane, the propeller blades spin at a far lower RPM to deliver a more stable and far quieter ride. Combined they’ll continuously deliver more than 500 horsepower for the record run. Even during the record run the all-electric powertrain delivers power with 90% energy efficiency and of course zero emissions. (In comparison, a Formula 1 race car tops out at close to 50% energy efficiency), said the release.

The last step is pairing this engineering with an electric propulsion system so the Rolls-Royce Electric Plane with zero emissions can make its record-breaking run in 2020.

(With Rolls Royce Press release inputs)

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