These tech gadgets will take the centre stage at CES 2020

With just days away from the opening of CES 2020, the biggest electronic annual tech extravaganza, which showcases world’s greatest technology is here, and formally known as the Consumer Electronics Show is all set to see the biggest tech giants showcase their futuristic technology and here are some of the top gadgets we should set our eyes on at this tech frenzy:

Through rumours and leaks, LG has taken the giant leap ahead of Samsung with the first TV to have 8K Ultra HD resolution that’s been industry certified, meaning LG can use the logo of 8K Ultra HD on their TV’s all set to be unveiled at the CES 2020. The company didn’t just stop there, they unveiled a new set of gamer-oriented monitors that include a 38 inch curved 4K display with IPS panel that manages a 1ms response time with a 144z refreshed rate and Nvidia G-Sync compatibility for the gaming geeks.

One Plus has the most-awaited and mysterious showcase, as they’ll be unveiling a new mystery device which the Chinese company are naming it the ‘Oneplus Concept One’, rumours are the company is entering the foldable phone rodeo and that might be the breakthrough among the only other Tech Giant in the foldable phone concept, Samsung. Not just that, the rumor is that they’re releasing true wireless headphones to rival with the Airpods.

Sony is all set to showcase some of its TVs in the 950, 850, Z- and A-series lineups with some new 2.1 soundbars with Dolby Atmos and just outside of the AV space, Sony will most likely tease some PS5 news ahead of it’s official debut and talk about the gaming peripherals like the PlayStation VR.

5G technology has elbowed its way into CES 2020 although all the major announcements regarding 5G technology is targeted for the Mobile Congress in Barcelona in February, CES would have been incomplete without 5G. AT&T just launched low-band 5G network in Las Vegas, commencing actual 5G technology in the world, this is one announcement that has people more excited than ever.

Hyundai Motors is all set to showcase the first concept of Personal Air Vehicle part of the Urban Air Mobility Landscape. The company is the first to launch an Urban Air Mobility Division and Dr Jaiwon Shin a renowned aeronautics engineer is involved in the affairs. Flying cars have always been the most futuristic dream when it comes to vehicle technology, and Hyundai is set to showcase the first ever concept. CES 2020 has another eye capturing the concept of self-driving cars to make lives easy, showcased by Honda, with ‘Safe warm’ and ‘Smart Intersection’ technology to communicate with surroundings safely with Augmented Reality concept is ready to hit the Auto market by storm at CES 2020.

Samsung is all set to show off its crop top TV’s and smartphones but what everyone has their eyes set to is NEON, the Artificial Human which is totally different from the AI Bixby which will be much smarter and better, and is no secret to the world, as it has it’s own twitter handle and web page, and there is a strong feeling that Samsung’s CEO will unveil it during their keynote ceremony. In 2015, Samsung’s CEO promised the world that by 2020 everything would be connected and it said they would spend $22 billion do on AI and would employ nearly 1000 AI specialists and has opened AI centers around the globe to making technology smarter. There is a high chance NEON will be officially introduced to the world at CES 2020.

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