Don’t believe this post about bulls dying of hunger; here’s the true story

A set of pictures is making rounds on social media in which one of the pictures two bulls and a man can be seen lying dead and the other one had a stitched slipper claiming to be dead farmer’s.

It has been claimed that “the Farmer’s bulls were hungry and they fell and died, the farmer also died.

At the time of filing this report, the above post was shared by over 2,600 Facebook users.

Earlier in July 2018, Ajaz Khan shared the same set of pictures with the same claim.

Though Ajaz Khan deleted the tweet we managed to retrieve the tweet.


The bulls didn’t die because they were hungry. They died because of electrocution. According to a report in Patrika, the incident took place on June 22nd in Madhya Pradesh’s Punjapura when a farmer and his two bulls died due to electrocution.

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The same set of photos were viral in the beginning of July with the same claim that they died of hunger.

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