Iraq: Dozens killed, several injured as protests escalate

Picture credits: New Delhi Times

A shooting spree in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Friday left 25 people killed and more than 130 people injured. This shooting continued even on early Saturday morning. Iraqi government officials have confirmed these numbers.

People were protesting against the economic hardships and lack of democracy in the nation at the Khalani square in the capital when unidentified mean arrived in a car began the massacre.

This created a sense of panic amongst the protesters who took over in the nearby mosques and public buildings.

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In recent times, the protesters across the nation have demanded better economic policies which will revive the economy and generate the much-needed jobs, better social welfare measures and a return to genuine democracy.

The Iraqi government in recent times has come under fire for being an Iranian backed regime that seldom cares for its citizens. The US withdrawal from the country left a vacuum that was easily filed by the Iranians.

The protests continue unabatedly even as the Prime Minister has resigned.

It is yet to be known as to who are the perpetrators behind the mindless violence that took place in the last few days.

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