Canyons, lakes & massive mountains, Kazakhstan in central Asia should be next on your bucket list!

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Kolsai One Mountain Lake, Kazakhstan (Photo: Shweta Mishra)

From nomadic lifestyle, authentic & unique culture to fancy living and luxurious hotels-this country in central Asia definitely steals the show!

Kazakhi girl holding the camera at Huns Kazakh Ethno Village (Picture credits: Khawla)

Kazakh’s history, geographical position, size & peculiarities have created an opportunity to develop diverse offers in Kazakhstan’s travel. From nature-based activities (including ecotourism and bird watching in national parks and protected areas), skiing or trekking in the mountains to water sports in the many lakes and rivers of Kazakhstan, there’s plenty to see, do and learn.

Kolsay One Mountain Lake (Photo: Shweta Mishra)

Culture: ethno-tourism

Kazakhstan’s unique culture is a reason why many tourists travel to Kazakhstan.

The Ascension Cathedral (Photo: Shweta Mishra)
The Ascension Cathedral (Photo: Shweta Mishra)

This can include museum complexes, ethno-villages depicting the traditional lifestyle of Kazakh people, historical sites of medieval cities, and much more.

The Ascension Cathedral (Photo: Shweta Mishra)

Mountains: Trekking and winter sports

A series of high low and middle range mountain ranges – such as the Tien Shan, Altay, Ulytau, and Kazygurt – are naturally beautiful and attract tourists from all over the world. Tourists interested in trekking and winter sports can easily access marvelous landscapes directly from the city of Almaty.

Kazakh’s high mountains are ideal for winter sports. It’s no wonder that Kazakhstan hosted the Asian Winter Games in 2011 – one of the priorities of the country has been to promote winter sports.

‘Medeu’ skating rink (Credits: Visit Almaty)

A unique sport complex Medeu (sometimes spelled as Medew or Medeo), with a skating rink popular among tourists, was built in the 1950s, at 1,691 meters above sea level, which makes it the highest skating rink in the world.

Another major winter sport attraction of Kazakhstan is Shymbulak (Chimbulak) ski resort, also located not far from Almaty. Snow can be found there from November till May, however, sunny weather is also registered there more than 300 days a year.

Lakes and rivers: water sports, sunbathing 

Kazakhstan is more than its steppes and mountains – it is also a country of rivers and lakes.

The Valley of the Castles in Charyn National Park, about 200 km east of Almaty is another magnificent natural monument built of sedimentary rocks.

The Valley of Castles–Canyon (Photo: Shweta Mishra)

Kazakhstan’s coastline along the largest lake in the world, the Caspian Sea, is perfect for fishing, sunbathing and swimming.

Kolsai One Mountain Lake (Photo: Shweta Mishra)
Kaiyndy Lake, Almaty City (Photo: Shweta Mishra)

How to visit Kazakhstan

You can plan a smooth trip to Kazakhstan by simply contacting Visit Almaty (National Tourism Board of Almaty)-

Tourist Hub Telephone: +7 727 393 52 30

Office Phone: +7 727 339 08 38

Email: & for all matters of cooperation:

There are daily direct flights from New Delhi to Almaty operated by Kazakhstan’s official airlines- Air Astana.

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