Revealed: The details of how US killed its ‘Most Wanted’

Revealed: The details of how US killed its 'Most Wanted'

US President Donald Trump on 27th October had in a televised address said that the US forces had killed the Chief of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. This operation was swift and carried out with assistance provided by Russia, Syria, Turkey and Iraq; the President said.

Details of the raid-

The President had stated that the US forces had identified the compound where Baghdadi was and had conducted a raid on October 26th. While doing so, the helicopter that was carrying the soldiers had been attacked by ISIS forces.


He further revealed that the US forces chased the ISIS chief after entering his compound, down a tunnel. Upon realizing that he had no where else to run, he died a coward’s death by activating his suicide vest and killing three children along with himself.


President Trump had also revealed that a K9 which had been injured during the raid is now back in duty.

Department of Defense releases photographs and videos of the raid-

The US Department of Defence has released a set of photographs and videos of the US Special Forces raid that killed the Islamic State head Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi last weekend.

In one of the pictures, the Special Forces can be seen entering the compound where Baghdadi was hiding. This was in North-Western Syrian province of Idlib.

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In a video released by the Pentagon, an airstrike is shown at the ISIS terrorists who fired at a helicopter carrying the US Special forces.

The compound which housed Baghdadi is also shown. The before and after pictures of the raid have been released. The compound was razed down with US munitions. It looked like a “parking lot with large potholes” said Marine Corp General Kenneth Mckenzie, US Central Command commander.

The General also said that Baghdadi crept into a hole in the compound and blew himself up. Along with him were two children, four women and a man.

DNA tests were carried out to establish the identity of Baghdadi. His DNA sample was collected in 2004.

The K9 which had been injured during the raid is now back in duty.

Baghdadi was buried at sea within 24 hours of his death in accordance with the International Law on armed conflicts.

However, the General cautioned against any euphoria saying that the organization continues to remain active and can carry out acts of retribution.

It has been revealed now in one of the leading US publications that a close confidante of the ISIS chief turned mole had provided extensive details to the US forces, including the layout of the compound, its rooms and the fact that the ISIS chief always wore a suicide vest.

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