PM Modi reveals he was using acupressure roller while plogging; here are the details

The PM was in the coastal town for a two-day informal summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping and was seen plogging at a beach in Mamallapuram.

While responding to queries about the stick-like object he was holding while plogging on the Mamallapuram beach, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that it was an acupressure roller that he often uses.

 PM Modi had released a video of himself cleaning the beach while taking a stroll early morning, where he was also seen carrying a roller in his hand. While the internet was impressed with this move, many netizens were also interested to know what PM was carrying in his hand.

“Since yesterday, many of you have been asking – what is it that I was carrying in my hands when I went plogging at a beach in Mamallapuram. It is an acupressure roller that I often use. I have found it to be very helpful,” reads a tweet from Mr. Modi’s personal Twitter handle.

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He also posted pictures of the acupressure roller he was holding at the beach.

Picking litter while jogging is referred to as plogging.

Mr. Modi had said that while plogging is in use in foreign countries, in India Belvi has promoted it to a great extent. Last week, he termed plogging as “win-win because it improves fitness and the environment.”

Acupressure rollers is an equipment which is based on reflexology and nerve stimulation and circulation. It works by stimulating the thousands of nerves in our hands and feet, thereby increasing blood flow in our body. It also helps in relieving stress, tension and relaxes the mind and body.

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