Trump to say ‘Howdy Modi’ at Houston mega show

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In what signifies a growing strategic partnership between India and the US, and a great bond between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the US President Donald Trump, he will be flying down to Houston on September 22 to be with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a special event Howdy Modi.

Strategically it is also a big signal to the world that the two leaders are together on the global arena and India-US relations are set to expand under the two leader.

What is Howdy Modi?

  • Largest event to welcome a foreign head of government ever in the history of the USA.


  • A huge endorsement for the efforts and success of the three-million strong Indian American diaspora and their contribution in all walks of life

Why is Trump’s presence strategically important?


  • Recognition of the deep and special relationship between the US & India – a relationship which has frequently been described as the ‘defining partnership’ of the 21 century.


  • A celebration of shared values of democracy, liberty, and rules-based world order when leaders of the world’s largest democracy and the world’s most powerful democracy come together.


  • Underlined the warmth between the two great nations but also the personal warmth and respect between the two leaders.


    • The fact that PM Modi has been able to transcend the political divide in the USA, and has a great working relationship with both Obama and President Trump. Other leaders around the world have not been able to make this transition, as well as PM Modi, has.

Focus on fight against terror cooperation on trade and energy

Their meeting comes shortly after the 9/11 anniversary. When the two leaders meet they will also cement their shared resolve to fight terrorism wherever that happens.

Democracies like the US and India are more prone to dangers of terrorism and both leaders will reaffirm their pledge to fight it. The focus will also be on a trade pact between two sides that will iron out the differences on trade issues. A meeting of the CEO’s of the energy companies and US officials is being held and that has been expedited at the behest of the US President Donald Trump who is keen to fast track this.

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About the Event

  • The event will showcase- ‘Woven: The Indian-American Story’, a 90-minute cultural program that is a celebration of Indian-Americans and their contributions to the cultural, intellectual, and social landscape of the United States.


  • Over 50,000 attendees are expected at the program which will start at 10:00 am (Local Time) before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the stadium.


  • Presented by the Texas India Forum, Woven is 90-minute music, dance, and multimedia show featuring close to 400 artists and community members from Texas and across the nation.


  • The show will also shine a light on unsung heroes in the Indian-American community who have undertaken selfless acts benefiting the broader American community without any need of recognition.

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