PM Modi launches Startup Grant Challenge, tells youth to come up with ideas

While addressing the youth of Veterinary University, Mathura, PM Modi urged the students to bring new ideas in the Startup Grant Challenge.

He said, to expand India’s dairy sector, there is a need for innovation and new technologies. Startup Grand Challenge has started so that the innovations come from rural society.

He encouraged the students to join the challenge and find solutions on how to ensure green fodder system. PM asked the students as to what could be a cheaper and accessible alternative to plastic bags.

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The government of India is launching the challenge so that new ideas can come up. The solution to the country’s problems will come out of the soil of the country. Students who come up with ideas will be considered seriously and the necessary investment will be arranged while allowing many new employment opportunities.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday also set an example as he sat with women who pick plastic from garbage and helped them out during an event in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura.

“We need to make efforts to rid our homes, offices, and workplaces of single-use plastic by 2nd October 2019. I appeal to self-help groups, civil society, individuals and others to join this mission,” PM Modi said while addressing a gathering.


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