LIVE updates: Communication from Vikram Lander lost just ahead of Moon landing

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The communication signals were lost with Vikram Lander at 2.1 km from Lunar surface. The data is being analysed.

“Descent of Vikram Lander was as planned, subsequently, the communication was lost, data being analysed”, K Sivan, ISRO Chief said.

India has scripted history with its second moon mission Chandrayaan 2, which is all set to land on Moon on September 7th, between 1:30 am and 2:30 am.

For the first time, Chandrayaan 2 aims to explore the dark side of the Moon after landing on its south polar region.

With this mission, India becomes the first country to aspire to explore this side of the Moon, if the mission achieves its desired goal then it will help India and the world broaden the horizons of human knowledge.


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