‘Tell your goons to back off,’ says BJP MLA’s daughter after marrying against his will

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BJP MLA's daughter Sakshi Misra's husband assaulted; police to provide security

New Delhi: A video has gone viral on social media in which the daughter of a BJP lawmaker from Uttar Pradesh has claimed that she is in danger from her father as she married a man of another caste against his will.

She further urged for police protection in the video.

23-year-old, Sakshi Misra, who is the daughter of a legislator from Bareilly, Rajesh Misra, referred to her father and brother using their nicknames ‘Pappu Bhartaul’ and ‘Vicky Bhartaul’.

In the video, Sakshi asked her father to back off and let the couple live peacefully while warning him to ‘stay off her husband Ajitesh Kumar and his family’ or face the consequences.

“I have married of my free will and my father has sent out his goons for us… I am tired of running, I seek police protection,” she says in the video while Kumar can be seen sitting next to her.

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“If they catch us, they will definitely kill us,” she adds. Kumar also speaks of the alleged goons following them, “We managed a narrow escape this morning after a group people landed at the hotel we were staying in.”

In another video, Sakshi said: “Honourable MLA Pappu Bhartaul ji and Vicky Bhartaul ji, please live and let us live in peace… I really am married, I am not wearing sindoor for fashion.”

“Through this video, I want to say that if in future anything happens to me, Abhi or his family, my father, Vicky Bhartaul and Rajiv Rana will be responsible for it… Those who are helping my father, stop helping him because our lives are in danger.”

Reportedly, the lawmaker in a statement denied the allegations and called it a political conspiracy.

“My daughter is independent; she can take her own decisions. I have not threatened to kill anyone. Neither my family members nor people who work with me have threatened to kill anyone. Me and my family are busy with our work,” the lawmaker said.

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