Sunny Deol appoints representative for Gurdaspur, Congress calls it betrayal of voters’ mandate

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Actor-turned-politician and Gurdaspur MP Sunny Deol has appointed a representative in his parliamentary constituency, who would ‘attend meetings’ and follow ‘important matters’ related to the city in his absence.

He appointed a Mohali-based screenwriter, Gurpreet Singh Palheri, as his representative for Gurdaspur district.

The move has been slammed by the ruling Congress in Punjab, saying it as a ‘betrayal’ of the voters’ mandate.

A letter issued on the letterhead of the Gurdaspur MP, Deol on June 26, read: “I hereby appoint Gurpreet Singh Palheri, son of Supinder Singh, resident of village Palheri, district Mohali, Punjab, as my representative to attend meetings and follow important matters pertaining to my Parliamentary constituency, Gurdaspur (Punjab), with concerned authorities.”

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Gurpreet Singh, who is also known as ‘Gyani Ji’ in film industry circles, said: “I know people are saying Gyani kithon a geya (Where has gyani come from?) But I am not replacing Sunny Deol. I have just joined just as personal assistant of Sunny Deol and will look after his work in the constituency. I, along with other BJP leaders, will sit in the official meetings in the absence of the MP.”

He added, “I have been living in Pathankot since Sunny Deol won the election and have been going in the field everyday. Sunny Deol already has a temporary home in Pathankot, and we are looking for a plot to construct a new home for him here in Gurdaspur. Sunny Deol has been working in Delhi to push demands of Gurdaspur. You will soon hear a good news related to development of Gurdaspur.”

Deol became a member of parliament for the first time after he defeated Congress’s Sunil Jakhar with a massive margin in the recent general election.

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