The scary side of technology- This app can create nudes of even fully clothed women

The advent and advancements in technology is giving the human utility newer turns but at the same time artificial intelligence is taking uglier turns than anticipated.

A new AI-powered software tool makes it easy to generate realistic nude images of women, all without them having to take off their clothes.

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The app, called DeepNude, is the latest example of AI-generated deepfakes and could  potentially lead to horrifying cases of online harassment. The software is available to download for free for Windows, with a premium version for enhanced resolution costing USD 99, The Verge reported. The controversial app however, was shut down hours after being exposed.

In both software versions, the AI-generated nudes are watermarked as ‘fake’. However, it is easy to remove the watermark, making it even difficult to prove the falseness. Although the AI-generated portions are blurry and pixelated, the process works best with high-resolution images when the target is already wearing revealing clothes.

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