Man found dead; killed live-in partner & was untraceable since 2011

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Man found dead; killed live-in partner & was untraceable since 2011

Not caught when alive but finally found in death!

A 29-year-old man, who went by the name of Raju Gehlot, had been absconding for the past eight years after he had allegedly killed his live-in partner, Neetu Solanki in Delhi. 29-year-old Neetu Solanki was found stuffed in a bag outside New Delhi railway station in 2011.
Raju, had since been untraceable.. But now, the police have confirmed news that he has died at a private hospital in Gurugram.

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Gehlot, 29-year-old at that time, was an Air India employee and was Solanki’s live-in partner. Known as the case of the “girl with a peacock tattoo”, it had drawn widespread attention in 2011, as her body had been identified by her parents because of the tattoo.

His photographs were widely circulated by the police and there was an award of Rs. 50,000 announced on him, back then. He was suspected to have flown to Bangkok and the best of the crime branch officials had been working on his case.

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Police said that Gehlot had been hiding at different places in India over the last eight years.
“Most recently, he was in Gurugram working with a firm dealing in automobiles. He was living under an assumed identity, kept to himself and didn’t speak much to his colleagues— he probably kept in touch with his family,” Rajeev Ranjan, additional commissioner of police (crime branch), said.

He assumed identity under different names and even when he got admitted in a Gurugram hospital, he had assumed a new name. Gehlot developed stomach pain a few days ago, after which he got himself admitted to a hospital in Gurugram. He succumbed to it on Tuesday.
“His family got to know of his death and visited the hospital. We were alerted by our informers and reached the hospital. We have confirmed his identity and can say with certainty that Gehlot is dead,” said the officer.
Neetu Solanki was law graduate and worked as a call centre employee. She was found, stuffed in a bag, with her throat slit.


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