Nagaland’s Dzukou valley restores its natural beauty after the plastic ban

Nagaland Dzuko Valley

Nagaland’s majestic Dzukou valley is a delight for the travellers with crystal clear blue skies and a backdrop of the lush green mountains. Imagine if this beautiful vision is distorted by the unnecessary waste in the form of plastic cups, bags, food wrappers and all kinds of trash. Any place with a great panoramic view will begin to lose its charm because of the waste dumped in the serene landscape.


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The valley saw a spike in tourists from all across the world and the travellers were leaving their traces behind due to the reckless disposal of waste. The valley was full of plastic debris and trash and the local authorities knew it was time to take action to preserve the beauty of Dzuko.

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The Northeastern Valley of Flowers as it is popularly called was made a ‘plastic-free zone’ on World Environment Day this year. A hoard of locals and volunteers came together to clean the place and reinstated it to its original glory with hard work and passion.

The authorities have banned the use of plastic in this area and now the valley is in no threat to lose its charm again. Apart from its idyllic surroundings, crystal-clear water streams and a kaleidoscopic array of flowers that seem infinite, the valley is also home to the rare Dzukou Lilly.

Now you can pack your bags and take a trip to Nagaland, but be mindful of keeping these beautiful valleys and mountains clean.

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