Gurugram: Water shortage in DLF areas, taps run dry for 3 days

Water Crisis Representational Image

Residents of DLF 1, 2, 3, MG Road and sectors 27 and 43 complained about acute water crisis due to the water supply pipe going bust. Since the weekend, the area of DLF Phase 3 has faced a severe water problem and the residents have been waiting for the fresh water supply for 3 days.

This isn’t the first time that the posh areas of Gurugram have faced a water crisis, it has now become an annual issue. During the summers, the residents face the water shortage frequently and usually the fresh water supply is only for one of two hours in the day that too in the wee hours of the day.

The problem has not been yet resolved in the DLF Phase 3 area and as per officials, the pipe burst has been fixed. It was reported that water mafia was controlling the supply so that tanker sales could go up and water was being procured for Rs 1 per litre.

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Pallav Mathur, a resident of DLF Phase 3 said, “I recently moved to this part of Gurugram and have been facing water shortage since I shifted. Either the water supply is only for one or two hours or there is no supply for days and it becomes very difficult to deal with the inconsistencies. There should be an alternative to the major problem.”

Kadambary Tiku of DLF Phase 3, S Block said, “It has been three days since the fresh water supply and there are many days where we don’t get supply. The timings are also sometimes 3 or 4 in the morning which disrupts our sleep. We are forced to buy water from tankers which cost us double the amount, especially during the crisis. The authorities should provide a long term solution for the problem and fix the timings for fresh water supply.”


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