Increased exposure to air conditioning doubles the risk of dry eyes

Prolonged exposure to AC causes Dry eye

As people spend more time in closed rooms with air conditioners that help reduce temperatures, the chances of dry eyes increases.

Dry eye occurs either when the eye does not produce enough tears or when tears evaporate too quickly. The symptoms of the dry eye syndrome include red eyes, sensation of a foreign body, burning, itching and blurred vision.

Dry eye syndrome causes redness and itching


It may also lead to the feeling of stings and burns in your eye and can cause inflammation too, making the front surface of the eye seem scary.

According to doctors, the cases of dry eye syndrome have drastically increased in recent times and the number of patients with this symptoms have doubled.

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“Air conditioners reduce humidity in the room and cause evaporative dry eyes. In addition, the air conditioner vents blow air if directed at your face can result in dry eyes,” said a doctor.

Apart from air conditioners, dry eye can be caused due to ageing, certain medical conditions like diabetes or thyroid to name a few or because of certain medication. Laser eye surgery, tear gland damage, eyelid problems or blinking less often can induce the symptoms of dry eye.

We can experience dry eye symptoms in situation like high temperature, on an airplane, when riding a bike, looking at the computer screen for long or when exposed to wind, smoke or dry air.

The symptoms could be reduce either by using lubricating eye drops or by making some lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes includes the following –

Avoid direct exposure of air to your eyes, add moisture to your air, blink your eyes often while working on computers, or take frequent eye breaks and wear sunglasses or protective eyewear whenever possible.

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