Pakistan needs to be isolated if they continue to harbour terrorism says a US Congressman

US Congressman - Scott Perry

Scott Perry, a member of the US Congress from Pennsylvania, reaffirmed support to the religious and ethnic minorities, who collaborated on Tuesday against radicalism in South Asia and Pakistan in particular.

In an interview with ANI, Perry said, “Pakistan needs to be isolated among the community of nations if they continue to harbour terrorism.”

Perry also said that they don’t support the oppression of the minority community on the basis of religion and otherwise and this was one of the reasons for tension between US and Pak.

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The lawmaker has earlier also worked on resolutions demanding that Pak not provide a safe haven for terrorists. The resolution also condemned the Pulwama terror attack that took place on Feb 14 in which over 40 Indian CRPF personnel were martyred. It was carried out terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) based out of Pakistan.

“Pakistan has to understand that there is no upside gain in allowing this (terror), whether they support it or allow it. They may not be committing it but these are crimes of omission which allows it to occur and then turn your face as it occurs. There can be no upsides or no profits for Pakistan on allowing terror,” he said.

The representatives of Mohajirs, Pashtun and Baloch communities also briefed the gathering of people about the human rights violation and discrimination in different communities in Pakistan.

“We raised the issue of Karachi and other urban parts of Pakistan, where human rights violations have been taking place on a massive scale. While we bring to light the plight of religious minorities, we also talk about the persecution of ethnic minorities in Pakistan,” the representative said.

(With inputs from ANI)

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