All you need to remember when travelling with an infant

Are you nervous about getting on a flight with an infant? Travelling with a baby is completely different from travelling otherwise. There are several things to need to consider when a baby is with you on the plane.

Paediatrician visit prior to travel

If you are travelling abroad, remember to meet your baby’s paediatrician prior to your travel, at least two weeks in advance, and find out if any vaccination is required or if there is any particular medication to be carried along during the trip.

Rear-facing seats are preferable

A rear-facing seat is the safest option for infants, especially if you are travelling by road. If you flying, you might need to purchase a separate ticket for the infant, according to their policies. Take the infant out of the seat after about every two hours or so, if it is a long flight so that they can stretch and move their legs.

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Foldable baby strollers

Foldable baby strollers come handy when travelling as they can be placed anywhere with the luggage. Easy to stroll around, the baby stays comfortable and so do you. For airlines, these can be checked in along with the other luggage, so you do not need to worry about where to keep them.

Entertain them

All through the trip, keep your babies entertained with games, toys, books, snacks, or puzzles. If you have an iPad, do not forget to carry it along with games loaded in it, cartoons and films for kids.

Safety check at the hotel

Check for safety standards at the hotel. Every country’s safety standards vary, hence, it is important to check such as functional elevators, electrical wires, and flooring. Also, check for amenities for the baby that would make your holiday enjoyable and hassle-free.

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