Satiate your taste buds with these irresistible treats on Eid

It’s Eid, which means time to dig into some sinful traditional delicacies. Eid is one among many Indian festivals that bring lip-smacking fare on the table.

So, forget about counting calories and watching weight. Just treat yourself to NewsMobile’s top 10 food choices for Eid.

Kimami Sewai

When you think of Eid, Kemami Sewai is what you visualize. It is an orange color dessert, prepared with vermicelli and lots of dry fruits. Eid is incomplete without this mouth-watering delicacy. Rich and melt-in-the-mouth yummy!

Patthar Kebab


This succulent kebab with its Hyderabadi flavours is a must-eat. Minced lamb balls are marinated with raw papaya paste, ginger-garlic and several other spices and are then cooked on the slow heat on an inch thick stone slab on heated charcoal. The charcoal gives it a beautiful smoky flavour. Slow cooking, slow eating!

Lucknowi Mutton Biryani


Thinking of Eid has this strange effect on most people. They get surrounded by the aroma of mutton Biryani. Biryani is always great but, if it is the Eid special Lucknowi Biryani, then it is another story altogether. It has a different charm and flavor. Aged basmati rice boiled in spices then, layered with mutton cooked in secret traditional spices and saffron. It is the most heavenly dish to gorge on Eid. Almost like happiness served on a platter!

Sheer Korma


Did you get an invitation from your Muslim friends for Eid? If yes, then you are the lucky one, because you will get to feast on a bowl of sheer korma. It is rich, sweet and delicious. Sweet-tooth cravings, taken care of perfectly. Maybe you should get the recipe from your friend’s mom and try this delectable dish at home.



Nihari is the perfect Lucknowi breakfast. It gets its amazing flavors from being slow cooked overnight on low heat. It is lamb cooked in its own fat with a secret recipe handed down the generations. Try it with a kulcha for mind blowing effect.

Brain Fry


Brain Fry is another Hyderabadi classic. It is enjoyed as a snack or a side dish. Mix it with onion, ginger and some spices to give it a special fragrance and don’t let it go cold!



You cannot afford to miss haleem on Eid. Mutton slow-cooked with lentils, barley, wheat and spices for eight long hours in a wooden pot may force you to lick your plates. Wholesome and full of taste!

Rogan Josh


How can you not try rogan josh? Moist mutton cooked with spices will make you say “this is it”. Eat it with rumali roti or sheermal to satisfy your hungry soul!

Chicken Nawabi


Chicken also gets a mention on Bakr-Eid. As the name suggests, it is a Lucknowi Nawabi dish. Tender chicken is marinated overnight with curd and spices. The curry is cooked with cream to give it a rich taste.

Rose Sharbat

After this heavy meal, your stomach needs to settle down for round two. So try the special rose Sharbat to give it a break!

While you are enjoying these yummy dishes, do stop for a second and think about those who might not have enough to eat. Eid is a festival of sharing so, go out and share the booty with those who are less fortunate and get their happy blesings!

Eid Mubarak!


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