Menstrual Hygiene Day: Tips to maintain menstrual hygiene

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Menstrual Hygiene Day aims at spreading awareness and educating our society to be more aware of menstruation and hygienic practices. May 28 was chosen to commemorate the day as the average length of a menstrual cycle is 28 days.

The idea is to change the mindset, break stereotypes and stigma attached to menstruation as well as have more and more people talk openly about menstruation. Some women do not have access to healthy and hygienic practices, whereas others don’t talk as it is considered a taboo in our society.

Here are few tips for women to maintain their menstrual hygiene –

Change sanitary napkins regularly 

The prolonged contact of menstrual blood with skin can cause infection, rashes and irritation. The best way to maintain hygiene is to change sanitary napkins atleast within 5 to 6 hours during your cycle.

Separate underwear during the cycle 

It is advisable to keep a separate batch of underwear that can be used during the cycle. You should also carry an extra pair of underwear during your periods so you have a back up if it is stained.

Dispose of your sanitary napkins properly 

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It is equally important to dispose of the sanitary napkins in a hygienic manner so infection doesn’t spread. The best way is to wrap the napkin in a newspaper or toilet paper first and then a bag. Don’t flush them in the toilet as they will clog it.

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Try eco-friendly methods

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The regular sanitary napkins cause more irritation as they are not bio-degradable and not cloth based and also are harmful to the environment. Try using various other means like the menstrual cup which can be re-used, or bio-degradable sanitary napkins instead of your regular sanitary napkins.

Clean up and shower 

It is advisable to take a shower twice during your cycle and keep yourself clean during periods.

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