Love getting clicked? We bring to you a few tips that several bloggers and celebrities swear by!

In this day and age of social media, we are always competing with others over the digital forum. From the rat race to success, the focus is slowing shifting to the ‘like’ race on Facebook and Instagram. In the process of doing this, most of us forget to be our real selves and not the person we see online with a filtered image.

Taking a cue from this growing shift in paradigm, some fashion bloggers and celebrities decided to capture their real beauty (than filtered clicks) with just a photograph to inspire others to embrace their real self.

  1. Be confident, be yourself! 

If you wish to wear shades inside the room and get clicked, go for it! Click in whichever way you wish to.

2. Put the focus of the picture on yourself

Avoid several distractions. Use a white background rather than a bright one, so that the focus of the picture is on you.

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3. Find the right camera

Pick the right camera, that portrays the real you and not give any of the filtered images.

4. Choose the place that you’re comfortable with

No need to worry about finding new places just for the sake of it, go and click in the places that you’re comfortable with, even if its a library, where talking isn’t allowed but a picture is just fine.

5. Don’t overthink any photo

Embrace your mood. If you don’t wish to show your face, don’t. Anyways, you’re all beautiful.


6. Show your emotions

Show the mood that you’re in, whether it is being happy or sad or grumpy. The picture will do justice to it.

Get, set & click!



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