Survey: What do working mothers need and how to help them out

A popular job site, Indeed conducted a survey with over 925 working parents to find out what is the need of working parents and how employers can help them. Over half of the respondents were mothers, and over 90% of mothers said it was tough to be successful both at work and home balancing the spheres together.

67% of moms who work part-time and 54% of moms who work full-time also reported that part-time work is tougher to handle than full-time work.

According to the survey, the top factors that help mothers go to work are flexibility (71% of respondents said this was a factor in deciding to return), strong benefits (38% of respondents)  and a supportive boss (31% of respondents).

The survey also revealed that the group of moms that didn’t go back to work, 80% would have stayed with a work from home option, and around 50% of moms would have stayed with more flexible hours. 84% of moms would benefit from having flexibility in timings at work and around 81% would like the flexibility to attend school events.

60% of working moms also added those morning routines are a significant challenge. One can pitch in by covering the morning chores like meal preparation and school drop-offs. Help them by streamlining the morning routine. They also had significant challenges in balancing evenings at home with chores after work.

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Flexibility at work and timings is an important factor, working moms can pitch in ways to ask for more support. Be a supportive boss who helps ease work and includes the team to pitch in for working parents. Good management and a balanced act is good for the company and not just working mothers and employees.

Working mothers can also benefit from consideration when it comes to socialization. Full-time work, chores and handling a baby can take up the entire day. Friends and colleagues can pitch in for babysitting and make plans at their homes so new mothers can join instead of depending upon a sitter.

These are the different ways a good eco-system of people ensures that new mothers get all the help they require when they need it.


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