Kazakhstan marks the beginning of new year with Nauryz

The embassy of Kazakhstan on Friday marked the Nauryz- which marks the beginning of a new year.

Addressing the guests, Ambassador of Kazakhstan Bulat Sarsenbayev congratulated everybody on the spring holiday, noting that this day is the time of renewal and reconciliation, the day when the young receive the blessings of their elders, the world is updated and preparing for a new life.

The Kazakh diplomat also briefly spoke about the main areas of cooperation between Kazakhstan and India, outlined the areas of prospective cooperation between the two countries.

The concert program presented to the guests of the festival was very interesting. With the support of the Somaiya Group foundation and personally its leader Samir Somaya, an Indian folklore ensemble, specially arrived from Mumbai, performed at the event. Under a storm of applause, the ensemble demonstrated a very rare type of Indian national dance, which is performed in the form of a theatrical performance based on Indian traditions and rituals.

The ensemble also performed a series of songs and musical works on Indian national instruments.


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