Here are some smart trips to make your travel light and easy

Traveling and packing can be a task for some. We are here with a list that is a guarantee to help you travel light and easy.

  • Distribute weight intelligently

When weight is put intelligently even carrying the luggage becomes easier. Put heavier items on the bottom of your suitcase. This includes shoes (in shoe bags), rolled jeans, and blazers (folded into dry-cleaner bags). Lighter pieces go at the top as they take less space and can be put at corners of the luggage as well.

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  • Avoid wrinkles on clothes and keep them neat

Place the top half of your pants and/or dresses inside your luggage with the bottom half draped outside. When all garments are stacked inside your luggage, fold the bottom of the garments at the knees back into the luggage.

Packing folders keep clothing looking pressed while travelling. Some can hold up to 15 garments. That will keep your clothing neat.

  • Use bags to organize –

Ziplocs are great for small accessories and toiletries. If you’re not checking, make sure cosmetics are on the top of your packed suitcase, for easy access as you go through security. To protect undergarments from damage, place them in a lingerie bag.

  • Carry toiletries wisely –

We do not have to carry all of our toiletries, especially when we are travelling to a hotel. Carry some basic necessary products as even they put excess weight on your luggage.

There are recent small packs of travel toiletries that are also available in several shops; they weigh even less so that could make travelling easy.

  • Do not carry excess luggage-

When we go for a vacation, we purposely choose to keep the extra pair of clothes and shoes. We could keep a few extra as sometimes that does become necessary, but keep shoes to a bare minimum as they add quite a lot of extra weight. Carry the stuff that is essential and will be required by you.

  • Avoid carrying several gadgets

Sometimes we tend to carry so many gadgets in our luggage that it over exceeds the weight.

For instance, if you are carrying a camera then carry it as a hand luggage.

If taking a laptop or iPad is extremely essential, only then carry it. Else, leave it back home.


So, travel light only for yourself and to make the travel a lot more fun and easier.

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