The inside story of how India got Masood Azhar the global terrorist tag, exclusive with India’s UN Envoy Syed Akbaruddin

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“Diplomacy is a time book. You give some, you take some”, says Syed Akbaruddin, the Indian Envoy to the United Nations.

In an exclusive interview with NewsMobile, Akbaruddin gave us an insight into the entire process of sanctioning Masood Azhar in the UNSC.

“We are grateful that China understood this important aspect of our needs. We appreciate there ability to adjust their position according to the needs. And that reflects a willingness to engage further.”, he said.

“Diplomacy entails bargaining and negotiating, which means you take something and give something. It’s a cooperative endeavor. Our effort was to marshal everybody in support in that endeavor”, Akbaruddin said on how difficult it was to sanction Masood Azhar in the UNSC.

He added that the focus was to convince everyone that all states see JeM chief Masood Azhar as an individual who is threatening global peace and security and that the effort was to isolate the JeM chief.


On being asked when did he get to know that China was convinced to remove its technical hold, he said, “Presently, we’re not are a member of the Security Council. So, there were others who were leading in the council in the matter, like the US, the UK and France. The trio countries were active on the frontline. They were coordinating and discussing with India, and we have been providing the inputs regarding Azhar. India was able to get everybody on a consensual outcome.”

Giving a deeper insight on what exactly does this designation mean, Akbaruddin stated that India has set the benchmark that anyone ‘who is indulging in acts against our country and our countrymen will be facing international opprobrium.’

“Now we will work on the next step beyond the norm. The initial step was to set the norm.”, he added.


On being asked if this will also strengthen a case for a comprehensive convention against terrorism, Syed expressed that terrorism is a global upsurge and there is an increase in the global consciousness and awareness about the fact that it needs to be addressed.

“It is one of the aspects of the diplomacy which impinges on the line of ordinary people. So, if we are people centric, we need to address the upsurge of terrorism”, he said.


Addressing the burning question on whether listing Masood Azhar as a global terrorist will help in curbing the Pakistan sponsored terrorism, he said, “We have heard about a ‘new Pakistan’ but the time is now to see what they will about their international commitment about curbing terrorism.”


After China announced ‘positive progress’ on the matter followed by the declaring of the Masood Azhar as a ‘global terrorist’, the Indo-Chinese relations will be affected.

Giving a better understanding of the relations, Akbaruddin said, “Sanctioning Azhar as a global terrorist was a consensual outcome. China is a key country at the UN and a very important neighbour for India. We worked with them on many issues, but we did not agree on all issues. However, we engaged China in many ways and they did understand our aspirations and needs. India and China are like frenemy.”

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