Porsche Panamera completes 10 years! Know about the car that surpassed Porche’s expectation

Credit- Porche | Porsche Panamera completes 10 years! Know about the car that surpassed Porche's expectation

Porsche Panamera has successfully completed its ten years in production.

Panamera was its first Gran Turismo and since then has garnered wide following across the world While Porsche had launched Panamera with an aim of selling 20,000 units per year, the GT outdid the expectations of its makers by selling in large figures.

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Till date, Porsche has sold more than 2,35,000 units of the Porsche Panamera.

Michael Steiner, then the Vice President of the Panamera product line and now a member of the Executive Board Research and Development at Porsche, talked about what the success of Panamera meant for the brand.

He said, “ As a technology platform for innovations that were later transferred to other models, the Panamera has played a significant role in shaping the past ten years of the brand’s history.

With its high-performance hybrid variants, it is now above all a trailblazer for electromobility at Porsche.”

Ever since the 1950s, Porsche had been toying with an idea of creating a ‘Porsche for four’. The German automaker developed a prototype based on the then Porsche 356.

Monikered the Porsche Type 530, it had a longer wheelbase, raised roof at the rear and larger doors. But this prototype never entered a production phase.

Several other prototypes were created with an aim to accommodate four passengers, but they all had to be shelved due to economic reasons.

However, Porsche took one final stab at creating a family car and came up with three prototypes– Mirage, Meteor and Phantom. The Panamera launched in 2009 had a lot in common with the Mirage.

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