Users may not be able to see the like counts on your Instagram!

Instagram is currently testing a new feature to their app that would hide ‘Like’ counts on posts.

Only the account user will be able to see the number of likes a post receives. It will show a couple of profile photos next to a call out of a few names who have liked the photo, as it does now, but will no longer show the exact count of people who liked the post.

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Instagram announced at its F8 developer conference on April 30 that it’ll start testing a new feature later this week that’ll hide users’ public like counts on videos and photos.

The test will only be in Canada, and likes will be hidden in the Feed, permalinked pages, and on profiles. Instagram says it wants followers to “focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get.”

It’s unclear if the company will roll the test out more broadly. Although likes can be mood-boosting and encouraging to users, they can also bring them down, especially if the content doesn’t perform well.

Getting rid of likes could fundamentally change the platform.

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