Black fumes noticed in AI’s Boeing 777’s engine at Delhi airport

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Black fumes noticed in AI's Boeing 777's engine at Delhi airport

Wednesday night saw some action at the Delhi airport when an engine of an empty Boeing 777 aircraft of Air India shut down, during a technical inspection. This was issued in a statement by the airline authorities early on Thursday morning.

As per the statement, airport fire personnel observed that black fumes were coming out of the engine’s exhaust. They diligently sprayed foam on it.

The airline further added that during a routine technical examination that an engineer was conducting at the Delhi airport on Wednesday night, auto shutdown of the auxiliary power unit (APU) took place. The APU is the smallest engine on an aircraft and is situated at the far end and provides power to start the main engines.

The engineer observed black fumes from the APU exhaust and sprayed foam spray. He believe it to be a fire hazard. The carrier’s statement further added.

The APU was examined by opening its cowlings (cover). After opening the cover, “there was no traces of any burn or external damage noticed except for the minor oil leaks traces, which was normal,” it said.
Detailed inspection is going on, it added.


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