Denmark’s must see; a spiral walkway that gives a bird’s eye view!

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Denmark's must see; a spiral walkway that gives a bird's eye view!

A new find for the avid travellers! A destination that is not just stunning but an architectural marvel too.

Next time you plan a trip to Denmark, visit the spectacular ‘Treetop Experience’, a walkway with a difference. Built by Effekt Architecture in a preserved forest, this walkway is an hour’s drive from the capital city of Copenhagen.

What’s unique about this place?
It gives you a bird’s eye view – literally! Feel the excitement of being on top of trees and seeing the world from there.
The spiralling walkway is connected to a 148-foot-high observation tower, and is split into two routes: the high route passes through the oldest part of the forest, while the low route and tower are in the younger areas.

The entire location is surrounded by trees, lakes and creeks. Get a full view from the observation tower which in itself is outstanding.

The architecture is such that the frame is hollow and curved in the middle, and becomes slender as it goes down.
An enlarged base creates stability, allowing for a wider viewing platform at the tower’s peak, and makes it easier for visitors to interact with the surrounding canopies.

The tower opened earlier in April 2019. According to the website of the creators, the walk “creates a unique opportunity to take a walk above the treetops and experience the stunning nature of the preserved forest from another perspective. The tower and treetop walk is as a seamless continuous ramp that makes the forest accessible to all — regardless of their physical condition.”

So, next time in Copenhagen, don’t miss entering this wonderland.


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