5 simple hacks to minimize plastic while travelling

Travel may be good for your health, but it may not be as good for your environment. Especially when you are travelling long distances, it is difficult to control the effect on the environment your mode of transport will have. On arriving at your destination, though, you can individually attempt to keep the environment clean.

Plastic has always been a major deterrent to the environment and health and contributes heavily to greenhouse emissions. There are ways to cut down on the consumption of plastic while travelling, the only things needed are your efforts.

Here are top five easy tricks to eliminate plastic consumption amidst your travel.

Ditch plastic water bottles

This is the best and easiest trick to avoid the use of plastic as almost one million plastic bottles are purchased worldwide by the minute. Instead of filtered water bottles, go for portable bottles made of steel or aluminium. Hot or cold tumblers can replace these bottles and can be used for water, tea or coffee.

Say no to plastic packaged food

A variety of eatables that you buy to munch while travelling are packed in plastic such as chips, chocolates, nuts, nutrition bars, or soft beverages. Alternatively, carry fruits that can be packaged in non-plastic boxes or cloth bags. Mangoes, bananas, oranges, apples, or grapes could be good choices of fruits to carry while travelling.

Eliminate utensils made of plastic

Utensils and cutlery made of plastic have a high percentage of consumption, especially, when it comes to travelling. One usually tends to carry plastic straws and disposable plates, spoons, and glasses made of plastic. Although many restaurants, hotels, airlines, and cities have put a ban on single-use plastic, as an individual, you too can contribute to this. If you need to purchase cutlery and utensils for use-and-throw, buy the bamboo spoons and straws and paper plates and glasses.

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Avoid plastic toiletries

Everyone carries their kit of toiletries on a vacation and why should they not? But, one can definitely avoid using toiletries made or wrapped in plastic. Pack bamboo toothbrushes, plastic-free shampoos, conditioners and soaps. Ideally, carry solid shampoos, conditioners, and soaps, instead of liquid or gel forms. Are you confused as to where you can find these? Some of the leading cosmetic brands sell shampoo bars for use.

Plastic-ware boxes for food should be banned

Replace plastic-ware containers with glassware ones and stock up your food to carry while travelling in them. Some good brands offer glass containers similar to plastic ones and ensure the health and a clean environment. If you are a restaurant and need to pack food out, you can request the servers to pack it in your glass containers or the cardboard boxes.


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