WhatsApp introduces a new ‘Ignore archived chats’ feature

WhatsApp introduces a new 'Ignore archived chats' feature

WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.101 is now introducing a new feature which is being referred to as ‘Ignore archived chats’, the feature lets users mute archived chats to remain archived until the person is unmuted or unarchived.

This is essentially a relabelling of an old feature remembered as ‘Vacation mode’, as per a blog post by WABetaInfo,

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The Facebook-owned company originally introduced this feature back in October 2018. Now, WhatsApp seems to be planning to add this feature.

The vacation mode feature was unveiled so that users will be able to mute archived chats to remain archived until he/she unmutes or unarchives them.

Currently, the messaging service automatically unarchives the archived chats when a user receives a new message from a friend or group.

The change is enabled by default on version 2.19.101 beta.

WABetaInfo states that this feature isn’t ready for everyone yet but you could expect a stable roll-out of this feature soon.

Those who prefer to keep chats or groups chats archived for a clutter-free conversation drawer, this feature is meant for you.

Once the feature is activated, you will be able to enable it from WhatsApp’s Notifications Settings menu.

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