Facebook will limit reach of groups that share misinformation

Facebook isn't going to make all photos public tomorrow, don’t fall for the hoax
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Facebook will crack down on groups where members repeatedly share misleading content, show monthly changes to its public rulebook, and hold group admins “more accountable” for rule-breaking tied to their groups, the company announced on Wednesday, as part of its latest attempted assault on fake news and other misbehavior.

The Menlo Park, California, tech giant is holding an event on Wednesday with reporters about its efforts around “integrity” – policing its social media and communications apps for hoaxes and misleading information.

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Facebook is also making some small changes around fact-checking stories. The Associated Press is now going to start fact-checking some videos in the US, and Facebook will start including ”Trust Indicators” when users click to see context around a publication. Those indicators come from The Trust Project, a group built by news organizations that makes those determinations.

Some features on WhatsApp designed to reduce misinformation are also coming to Messenger. Facebook says it’s already started to roll out forward indicators, to let people know when a message has been forwarded to them, and ”context buttons,” so people can look up more details around information they’ve been sent.

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