Travel the path less taken; offbeat locations for this summer

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Travel the path less taken; offbeat locations for this summer

As summer holidays approach, tourism is all set to peak up. People are planning holiday schedules much in advance to avoid last minute hassles. But the biggest question in the minds of everyone is how to find locations that are still not jammed with tourists, that still have an exotic and charming tag attached and that are indeed worth every penny invested.

Here are some locations that can be worth a thought before you finalise your plans.

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Scenic beauty and landscape, nomadic cultural heritage, rich history and a perfect balance between modernisation and traditions – Magnolia is one holiday destination that is yet to explored.
The exotic and large Gobi Desert is a sight to behold. Unique cultures and traditions still co-exist here.
Mongolia has a huge territory and extreme climates. From the desert region to the Northern part that can give any European city a complex. Thick forests, meadows, clean rivers and lakes are symbolic of Magnolia.


An island in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is adjacent to Tanzania.
It is a beautiful amalgamation of beaches, mild weather & warm tropical waters. It has stunning coral reefs and rich marine range, making it the perfect destination for a holiday.

It is also historically and culturally very vibrant, offers a wide range of adventure opportunities. The people are fun and friendly.


Set in the Caucasus Mountains, Armenia is a hidden gem that’s still untouched by the larger tourist population. Did you know that Armenia was the first country in the world that adopted Christianity as a state religion?

This and more – this place is a beautiful mix of landscape and new age mechanisms.
Apart from a historically colourful past, it is home to the finest wineries, ancient monasteries and breath-taking mountains. The capital, Yerevan, is an energetic city with all the amenities of a large city.

Armenian cuisine is fast becoming an exotic option across the world. Get to tickle your stomach with amazing tastes and smells each day of your stay here.


Serbia is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. People who have visited this beautiful country are nothing short of surprise and awe. The capital, Belgrade, has a blend of everything – from restaurants, roadside cafes, bars and clubs, there is something for everyone here.

The national drink called Rakija is very famous and most locals are seen reveling in the evenings.
Don’t miss the floating bars and clubs along the Danube riverbank.

Transylvania, Romania

Another of Europe’s gems that is still away from the tourist onslaught. The Carpathian Mountains offer the perfect backdrop for this stunning location.

Experience Romania’s rich cultural heritage, walk by the mesmerising landscape and sample their amazing cuisine – Romania has all the ingredients of Europe yet is as serene and exotic as it can ever get.


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