This April, stay in the Louvre, Paris for a night! Unbelievable but true

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This April, stay in the Louvre, Paris for a night! Unbelievable but true

Next time you travel to Paris, chances are that the excitement is not so much about seeing the Eiffel Tower or the Cathedral Notre-Dame, but it is the chance to spend a night at the Louvre Museum, that’ll get you all energised.

If reports are to be believed, Airbnb and the Louvre are jointly transforming the famous museum into a hotel for a one night, a once in a lifetime opportunity, this April.

It is an unbelievable offer to stay in the most famous museum in the world. The Louvre in Paris is the world’s most visited museum and in 2018 crossed 10.2 million visitors. People from all over the world come to visit this magnificent museum each year.

“We know that many people would love the opportunity to wander alone at night through the Louvre and we want this to be a magical and unforgettable experience,” Anne-Laure Béatrix, deputy managing director of the Louvre, said in a statement.

Being so close to the world-famous Mona Lisa is definitely a dream most people would otherwise only dream of. For one night in April, two lucky guests will get to spend the night at there.

The entire museum will be turned into an apartment. Reports suggest that the living room could be right next to the Mona Lisa. The dining room will be set in front of the Venus di Milo in the Sully Wing. One can also hear music in ornate salon of Napoleon III. The bedroom, which is the main attraction, is set in a frosted pyramid inside the museum’s central I.M. Pei-designed glass pyramids.

In the evening, there will be a historian-guided tour through the halls.


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