Lodhi Colony, Delhi gets colourful! Art on the walls makes this a must visit

Lodhi Colony, Delhi gets colourful! Art on the walls makes this a must visit

Art in Delhi has taken a brand-new meaning. Roadside walls are getting a new lease of life! Colour and large motifs adorn walls that till now were dull with withering paint and dust.

Lodhi Art District is the first-ever Public Art District in India. It has over 25 street artists from India and around the world come together to paint the walls of the historically vibrant Lodhi Colony of Delhi.

Covering the areas between Khanna Market and Meherchand Market in Lodhi Colony, the walls are a delight to watch. A must visit for art enthusiasts, travellers and tourists alike.

The canvas ideas range from women’s rights in the eastern part of the world to the impact of greenhouse gasses and global warming on the planet.
A big, radiant and bright canvas with ‘We love Delhi’ in Hindi, catches the eye instantaneously. Indian mythology has also been touched upon with larger than life canvases of gods and goddesses on the walls.

Walk through the lanes and streets and gaze at the beautiful world that passes you by. An astronaut catches attention. Almost like an observer watching the world below.
Colourful birds take on another wall. Lodhi Art district has created a world beyond the usual here. A world that mesmerises, touches upon realistic issues and yet creates a web of colourful interpretations.

Lutyens’ Delhi has indeed got converted. Street artists who are able to give a new perspective to buildings that have dilapidated with time.

The festival has been curated by the five-member St+Art India Foundation and supported by Asian Paints. Their aim is to help make a wider audience engage with art by taking it to the street and giving an open-air art museum feel to art.


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