Battle For India: ‘Investigate Mr Vadra,’ says RaGa in Chennai

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Battle For India: 'Investigate Mr Vadra,' says RaGa in Chennai

The political campaigning for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls is in the full swing. Congress President Rahul Gandhi visited Chennai and interacted with students to woo young voters.

During his interaction, while replying to a question on Robert Vadra, Gandhi said he (Rober Vadra) should be investigated and so does PM Modi.

“Investigate Mr Vadra, but investigate the Prime Minister,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“Government has every right to investigate every person. Law should apply to everybody equally, not selectively. PM has his name in govt documents that say he is directly responsible for negotiating parallelly with Dassault on Rafale. Investigate everybody, be it Mr Vadra or Prime Minister,” Gandhi added.

Rahul Gandhi further attacked PM Modi and Anil Ambani on Rafale deal. “Not a word on Rafale deal,” he said.

Talking about Demonetisation, Gandhi asked the students, “Did you like demonetisation?” and got no answer.

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“You can’t have a negative fearful discriminative atmosphere in the country and expect economic growth. We will change the mood of the country. We will change the structure of GST and lower the tax,” he said.

“There is currently an ideological battle going in India. It’s sharply divided between two ideologies. One ideology is a unifying ideology which says that all people of the country should live together & shouldn’t be dominated by one idea,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“The other ideology represented by the current govt&PM where they believe that one idea should be imposed on our country. They have a particular view about role of women in our society, different languages& cultures are inferior to one centralising culture and idea,” he added.

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