Fact Checked: The woman in this viral picture is not Wing Commander Abhinandan’s mother

After Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the released of captive Indian pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan on February 28th as a ‘peace gesture’, a picture surfaced on the internet in which an old woman is seen bowing in front of a television set with Imran Khan on it.

The text attached with the picture claimed that she was Wing Commander Abhinandan’s mother who is thanking Imran Khan for the release of her son.

The text read: अभिनन्दन की माँ ने इमरान खान का तेह दिल के शुक्रिया जय हिन्द (Translate: Abhinandan’s mother thanked Imran Khan. Jai Hind)

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Interestingly, the same post was widely shared before Pak PM announced Abhinandan’s release.

The text read: “A #MOTHER of #INDIAN pilot #ABHINANDAN begging to #IMRAN_KHAN for the release of his #SON.”


When NewsMobile Fact-Checked the picture, we found that the woman in the above pictures is falsely attributed as Abhinandan’s mother.

We found the real picture of Wing Commander Abhinandan’s mother, Dr.Shobha Varthaman, and she looks nowhere close to the woman in the viral picture.

Further, NewsMobile dug deep, we also found the same vial picture was tweeted on October 4th, 2018.

Hence, she is clearly not the mother of Wing Commander Abhinandan.

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