This heart touching viral poem was not written by IAF pilot Abhinandan’s sister

As the nation was waiting for its hero Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman to come back to India, a heartwarming poem started making rounds on social media claiming to be written by his sister.

The poem has been widely attributed to “Adithi”, apparently the sister of Abhinandan. The poem is titled the poem titled ‘My brother with a bloodied nose’.


When NewsMobile fact checked the poem, we got to know that the poem was not written by Abhinandan’s sister.

The poem is written by Varun Ram Iyer. Iyer, on his Facebook page said that he is the original author of the poem and it is being circulated with an incorrect atribution.


I’ve been reached out to by a few people who have been receiving this poem on Social Media via FB, WhatSapp where the credits for the author are either absent / attributed to someone else.

If any of you do come across such an instance, I’d appreciate it if you could share a message on said thread / group on the lines of

“The author of this poem and other pieces about this issue and others can be reached at Check out the statuses and the Notes section for his other works.”

Many thanks.

Varun  – he wrote.

Here’s the full poem-

The poem pens down Abhinandan’s experience (as shown in the video of Abhinandan that was release by Pakistan) since his aircraft was shot down.

On February 27, Abhinandan downed a Pakistani F-16 plane before his MiG-21 Bison was hit and he was taken into custody by Pak army. Varun penned down this poem after the capture. And it was not written by Abhinandan’s sister.

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