Complete Pak air space shutdown; India resumes air ops in J&K & others

Complete Pak air space shutdown; India suspends air ops in J&K & others

A day after Indian fighter jets crossed the Line of Control or LoC and carried out a non-military, pre-emptive air strike across terror camps of Jaish-e-Mohammed near Balakot, Pakistan has retaliated by continuously shelling across the LoC and by having their jet aircraft cross into Indian airspace. The Pakistani jets were, however, pushed back by IAF.

As per earlier reports, a precautionary measure was taken and the J&K air space had been suspended indefinitely. In addition, Pathankot, Dehradun, Amritsar had also shut their air space for civilian use. However, we have now resumed services across all airports that were earlier shut down.

International flights too are not entering Pakistan’s air space and many are being rerouted. Singapore Airlines was one of the first international carriers who rerouted their flight SQ308 from Singapore to Heathrow, just before it was to enter Pakistani air space. It is now inside India’s territory and is being redirected.

Similarly, The Jet Delhi – Dubai flight has also been turned back.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has shut down all airports and the entire air space to commercial flights, as tensions with India escalate.

A recent snapshot of an airport tracking app shows Indian air space full of flights that are rerouting. Pakistan’s air space is completely empty.


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