Alone time helps improve quality of life, here are some tips

Thanks to social media and the humongous amount of content available virtually, one just doesn’t get any time off to sit and stew in their thoughts. People increasingly avoid being alone, sitting by themselves and having a cup of coffee or a meal without any virtual interaction. The phone always helps fill the emotional vacuum created by this fast paced world. People are not only disconnecting with themselves and their surroundings but also real human interaction.

But solitude is important for one’s personal growth and even inventors, as well as writers, vouch for the fact that solitude helps them process their thoughts better and also helps in their work. From Ernest Hemingway to Steve Wozniak have said alone time is essential for focusing. The idea is to make time and pamper oneself rather than slipping into loneliness.

Here are some tips to make alone time fruitful –


1. Ease into alone time – A slow build upto making time away from social media and virtual world is important, if you are accustomed to living this way. You don’t need to quit cold turkey, rather ease into the process by minimizing time on the phone and then picking up other hobbies.


2. Pick up interesting hobbies – People usually shy away from spending alone time is because of boredom. Rather spend time thinking of hobbies and interests you had given upon due to lack of time or because you stepped into ‘adulting’. Pick up a nice book with a warm cup of cocoa or tea or an art form like learning an instrument or dancing. It’s never too late to learn new things.

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3. Pamper yourself – Spend your alone time kicking back and relaxing whether it’s climbing into a nice bubble bath or getting a nice spa treatment or massage. This will not only help you relax your body but also feel refreshed.


4. Finish your To-do list – There are always things that you skip out on while socializing or having a binge watch weekend. If you have pending work or behind on chores, just put on some music and get cracking. De-clutter your space and it will help you de-clutter your mind as well as get things organized.

5. Spend time outdoors – The age of the virtual world has made us all extremely isolated and inclusive and hardly motivated to go out and spend time with our surroundings and nature. Go out and look up and around, get connected with nature, use your time for getting a nice workout whether running or yoga.

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