JetBlue is NOT giving away free tickets; don’t fall for the scam

A link has been widely shared on Facebook which claims that Jetblue Airways are giving away two FREE tickets as they are celebrating their 19th anniversary.

The test attached with the link read:

“Jetblue Airways Gifting 2 FREE Tickets All to Celebrate their 19th Birthday”

The link opens to an MCQ type questionnaire which has three questions as follow:

After answering the third question, irrespective of the fact what answer you give a page opens up which read: “You have been selected to take part in our short survey to get 2 Free Jetblue Airline Tickets! We only have 332 Tickets remaining so hurry up!”

And below are two steps: Step is to Share the page and Step 2 is to click on the Like button.

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When NewsMobile Fact Checked the above claim through the link we found that it was a scam in a bid to get Likes and Shares.

US-based, JetBlue Airways confirmed to NewsMobile that it was a SCAM.

“This is a scam. Please report any activity like this to Facebook as SPAM,” a representative from JetBlue told NewsMobile.

Moreover, when we closely analysed the viral link and the link of the official website of JetBlue, it was very much clear that it was a scam.

As you can see in the above collage the domain name of their official website is, the domain for the FAKE website is

Hence, it is clear that JetBlue is not giving away free tickets. SO don’t fall for the scam.

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