Limit tech use; Gurgaon school launches ‘Gadget Free 60 minutes a day’ pledge

We are surrounded by technology in every sphere of our lives. We are surrounded by gadgets every waking moment and are almost enslaved by them. The future, it seems, will be full of individuals cocooned in their personal tech bubbles. It’s not just the children but parents who are affected as well.

It is time for us to become mindful of this menace and our growing dependency on technology. It’s time to move back to the basics, take some time off the buttons and look at the world around us.

Increasingly more and more schools, NGO’s and social groups are talking about this and taking practical actions to minimise the effect of technology in our lives.

One such initiative has been taken by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of The Shri Ram School Aravali.

The PTA along with the school principal were increasingly finding the kids glued to phones leading to poor sleeping habits, stress etc and it came up that parents play an important role at home in curbing this. The need to have parents practice what they preach was felt.

With the support of the school, the PTA decided to create and launch a pledge called “Gadget Free 60 minutes a day – A pledge by the Parents, for the Parents”.  60 minutes in 24 hours that are not devoted to any sort of technological gadget but spent with ourselves, our children and our families. The PTA felt that even if each one of us start with this basic doable, a lot can be achieved. The impact of this one hour, could have positive long-term effects.

The Shri Parent League was another step in this direction. Sports for detox.

Parents have responded positively to the pledge; they are following the “No gadget hour” and instead play badminton, board games, read books and indulge in nature walks with their children over weekends.

Rashmi Chopra, Secretary PTA, shared that as of today, the pledge has been successfully active for more than 1 year and more than 1000 parents have signed up for it.

The pledge has now been initiated at the other Shri Ram school campuses as well.

An example indeed that can easily be replicated with long term effects for a healthier tomorrow.

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