Whole eggs or egg white: The effective way to lose weight

Healthy eating and diet requires a healthy balance of all nutrients and portion control. Some of the food items, however, are always surrounded by controversy and many opinions as to which is the right way to consume. Eggs are a great source of protein and a staple amongst people who prioritise healthy diet and fitness. It is a nutritional powerhouse with a mix of essential nutrients that help body build muscles and lose weight. Egg whites are specifically consumed by people who are on the path of losing weight as suggested by dieticians and trainers alike. It fills the stomach packing in nutrients and a good amount of protein.

However, the yolk is considered as unhealthy due to the presence of high cholesterol. People aiming to build muscle mass, a lean physique and lose weight eat only the whites and discard the yolk.  One egg has around 186 milligrams of cholesterol, which is all found in egg’s yolk. It is a fact that yolks contain cholesterol but it may not be as bad as its made to be. A little bit of cholesterol is required by the body to help increase energy levels. A study suggests that the fat in the egg yolks help reduce bad cholesterol.

Egg whites are a good source of protein while the egg yolk is rich in Iron, Vitamin D, B2 and B12. Eating only the whites means that you would only consume protein and miss out on other nutrients. In case of extreme cases and if egg yolks don’t suit you, you should exclude them from your diet as per the advise of a dietician.

The earlier notion about egg yolks being dangerous to lose weight has been dismissed by many nutritionist in the recent past. The idea is to maintain more of a balanced diet wherein you don’t compromise on all the essential nutrients and focus on just eating protein. While planning a meal/breakfast, you can include a few egg whites and 1 or 2 egg yolks as well. While following a low carb diet, whole eggs are ideal to have as they are low in calories and rich in amino acids which supports in muscle building. Ditch the old notion and go for a balanced diet.


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