Russian Islands declare emergency over polar bear invasion

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Russian Islands declared emergency over polar bear invasion

In a shocking incident, a remote group of islands in Russia declared a state of emergency after a large number of polar bears appeared in the region.

“There’s never been such a mass invasion of polar bears. They have literally been chasing people,” The Guardian quoted the local administration in-charge Zhigansha Musin as saying.

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In pictures and videos posted on social media, the endangered bears are seen entering the houses of the residents and feeding on the local garbage dumps.

Local officials have said that more drastic measures are required as the bears have lost their fear of the police patrols.

A team of specialists were deployed by environmental authorities in the region and are attempting to control the situation.

With Arctic sea ice diminishing as a result of climate change, polar bears are forced to change their hunting habits and spend more time on land looking for food.

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